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Testimonials help people to make a choice… and I would love to have one here from you.

Three Important Components

  • Identifier (eg first name, initials…)
  • Location (eg suburb or state)
  • Comment/Testimonial (often 1-3 sentences)

If you choose to remain anonymous, perhaps just put your first initial and suburb, eg “V, Rosebud”

Please complete the following:

Thank you for agreeing to write a testimonial.

If you haven’t written a testimonial before, then the following may be useful as a guide.

A simple approach for writing a testimonial is:
• What was happening before you got in touch, including how you felt?
• How did you feel as a result of getting in touch?
• What happened/how did you feel afterwards?

Example 1:      Mary S, Richmond VIC “I have had chronic health problems which were getting worse not matter what I tried. My doctor suggested that there might be an environmental component, so I contacted Lucinda. She assessed my home and found high levels of EMF and suggested changes to the products that I was using. I have implemented these changes and am seeing positive changes.”

Example 2:     Sandra and Greg, NSW “I was nervous about having my home audited, but is was such a relief to have the Eco Health Solutions team come in and recommend ways to make things better. They really focused on low-cost solutions for us, which meant that we were able to implement everything. I am glad we chose Eco Health Solutions.”

Example 3:     PV, Bunbury “I have been reading quite scary things about mould in the support groups I am in. Working with Eco Health Solutions brought me not only peace of mind, but a solid understanding of how best to manage my home. Lucinda and the team guided me through, and the after-care has been amazing!”

There are more testimonials here.

Whatever you choose is fine, but these hopefully will serve as a guide.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and help other people choose Eco Health Solutions.

Shine and Succeed!



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