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Courses – Online and On Demand

Courses are great, yet our modern lives are synonymous with being busy. Finding time to fit in anything new can be a real challenge.

Thus, I have created a range of online courses and resources that you can do when you want – in your own time.

There are no set class times, there is no homework, there are no rigid schedules.

Instead, there is great information that is structured clearly and simply, that you can partake in when you have the time.


We all know how important it is to care for and develop ourselves. What is the point to life unless we grow, right?

I have created a couple of online courses that focus on self-development.

  1. Starting Out Program
  2. Food for the Soul

You can read more information about both of these here.


In order to empower you with information, I have catalogued the health courses which I have put together.

These include both of the Environmental Sensitivities Symposiums, lectures and my online TV show.

Find out more about all of these (and more) here.



Here are some books that can help you on your healing and wellness journey.