FAQ and Policies

FAQ & Policies

FAQ (frequently asked questions) and policies are answered here.

I live in a remote area – can you still assess my home or workplace?

We are no longer doing onsite assessments. Instead, we offer virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessments. And so, yes, we can still assess your home or workplace.

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If you find something in my home or workplace that is making me sick, will you tell me what to do?


There would be nothing worse than having someone come and pick holes in everything and not provide you with answers and action steps.

Solutions are core to what we do, hence the name, “Eco Health Solutions.”

Every problem that is identified comes with recommendations, solutions and ideas on how to change things for the better.

As well, we will prioritise the action steps for you so you know where to start.

I want to know how much it costs to find out if my home is making me sick. 

We offer two services to determine if your home could be making you sick.

  1. Hidden Hazards Hotline call
  2. Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment

You can read more about both here.

Enough of the Policies, Let’s Talk!

What is an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment?

It is a detailed assessment of your home or workplace to identify anything that may either be making you sick OR preventing you from getting well.

It is a thorough investigation of the built environment and is based on building biology principles.

Who is an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment for?

An Indoor Environmental Health Assessment is suitable for you if you:

  • Have plateaued with your health and can’t seem to get better
  • Health has gotten worse since you have lived/worked where you do now
  • Feel better when you are away
  • Work from home, and therefore spend most of your time in the same building
  • Are planning to have a family
  • Have had a leak or water damage
  • There’s a new phone tower or 5G mast near you
  • You have just got a smart meter or NBN
  • You are planning on renovating
  • You need to know if your building is habitable
  • You are keen to up-level your health (you don’t need to be sick to have one)

Sounds like you? Get in touch.

Who ISN’T an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment for?

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible, and we have high standards. Our services aren’t for you if:

  • If you aren’t interested in having a thorough assessment conducted
  • You aren’t going to implement anything
  • You want to argue every point
  • You aren’t willing to hear what we have to say
  • You “need it done yesterday”
  • You are seeking a bargain basement price

As much as we are keen to help as many people as possible, we are also discerning about who we work with because put so much heart, time and energy into what we do.

What is the process to get my home or workplace assessed?

  1. First, you purchase a Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment here
  2. Next you complete the pre-call questionnaire.
  3. Then you book your Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment.
  4. From here, Lucinda will meet with you on Zoom and will assess your home or workplace thoroughly, looking for anything that may impact your health.
  5. She will then compile a list of your action steps based on what was viewed.


Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Bank transfer is our preferred method.

Account name: Eco Health Solutions Pty Ltd
Bank: Commonwealth
BSB: 063 114
Account number: 1045 6316

However, payment can also be made using cash or credit card (Mastercard and Visa).

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