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2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium: TextBook

Lucinda Curran (editor and co-author) (2016) For the 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium book, each of the 15 speakers contributed a chapter – covering topics from EMF to lead and other heavy metals to chemicals and obesogens to diet and its role in health to the hidden hazards in our homes to mould. 

Co-authors for this volume are: Lara Adler, Nicole Bijlsma, Lucinda Curran, Dr Andrew Hall Cutler, Ashok Gupta, Assoc Prof Olle Johansson, Lyn McLean, Dr Sharyn Martin, Dr Jean Monro, Elizabeth O’Brien, Michael A Pinto, Dr Mary Redmayne, Dr Sivani Saravanamuttu, Cyril W Smith and Bill Statham 

2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium: Book of Transcriptions

Lucinda Curran (editor and co-author) (2015)

This book offers transcriptions of the 24 presentations that made up the 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium.

Sections include:

  • New Perspectives
  • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Lyme Disease and Biotoxin-Related Illnesses
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Food Intolerances
  • Learning Disorders
  • Strategies

Presenters include: Prof Emeritus Martin Pall, Prof Olle Johansson, Cyril Smith, Dr Tania Ash, Dr Christabelle Yeoh, Dr Braham Rabinov, Jo Immig, Bruce Lourie, Lucinda Curran, Michael Bevington, Uma Girish, John Coleman, Dr Carlo Rinaudo, Lyn McLean, Dave Stetzer, Leah Hechtman, Dr Sharyn Martin, Karen Palmer, Dr Deanna Minich, Dr Ellen Cutler, Nicole Bijlsma, Ashok Gupta, and Dr Leesa Payne.

Conversations About Relationships: Exploring Ideas From Change Your Life Radio

Lucinda Curran (2014)

From the series “Conversations About…” comes Lucinda’s latest book:

Conversations About Relationships: Exploring Ideas From Change Your Life Radio

  • Shine the light on relationships to see them in a new way.
  • Understand different types of relationships.
  • Gain insights into navigating your way through them.

Contains inks to over 5 hours of audio.

Inspired by conversations with her radio show guests, Conversations About Relationships seeks to provide insights, inspire, and empower you to make positive changes in your life.

Conversations About The Self: Exploring Ideas From Change Your Life Radio

Lucinda Curran (2014)

Come on a whimsical journey through the psyche to develop a better understanding of the Self, identify ways to create change, or purely to enjoy the ride!

This book came about as a result of inspirations Lucinda experienced while talking with her guests on Change Your Life Radio.

Jam-packed with resources, tips and insights, this book also offers access to over 5 hours worth of audio.

Get your copy here.

Change Your Life: 50 Daily Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do

Lucinda Curran (2013)

Are there are aspects of your life that you could improve?
Tried meditation and just can get the hang of it?
Need to reduce your stress levels?

Change Your Life: 50 Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do is an easy-to-use workbook that takes the hard bits out.

  • Relieve stress
  • Learn a simple Meditation Routine
  • Discover how to create new thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes
  • Bring a new sense of tranquility into your life
  • Use these stimulating meditations as affirmations throughout your day
  • Step into your light!

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