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Pre Conception Care: Are There Hidden Hazards In Your Home?

Pre Conception Care The importance of pre conception care in support of fertility is well known. Nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices all contribute to the quality of sperm, eggs, fertilisation, and the health of your baby. Many practitioners work in this area addressing internal imbalances with herbs, medications and diet. But What If There Are […]

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From GO to “WHOAA!!!” How Chinese Medicine Can Assist With Pregnancy Part 5 – Childbirth Approximately ten lunar months after the last period is when childbirth occurs. Acupuncture is useful to bring on contractions and induce childbirth. It is a slower process than induction with pharmaceuticals, but it is gentler and supports the body in its […]

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Preconception – Part 2

From GO to “WHOAA!!!” How Chinese Medicine Can Assist With Pregnancy Part 2 – Preconception We have previously acknowledged the role that Chinese medicine, especially herbalism, can play in preconception for both mum- and dad-to-be. Here we will also look at some steps that you can take that address lifestyle and diet. Chinese Medicine on Preconception […]

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