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The Simple Living Spiritual Practice

The Simple-Living Spiritual Practice

by Kate Loving Shenk

simple-livingLiving, breathing, loving and practicing the simple life is what Lucinda Curran and I discussed on her Food For The Soul Teleseminar. Our modern way of life in Western society doesn’t make it easy to live a simple life.

We are literally bombarded with information, microwave energy, cell phone radiation, fluorescent lighting, noise, air, and food pollution and the negative news from national broadcasting systems.

The psyche has a very difficult time handling all of this influx of varying degrees of degradation. No wonder people are walking around with holes in their auras.

But we can do something about it. We can learn to live and celebrate the simple life.

The simple life is often equated with lessening our carbon footprint. Examples of doing this would be:

1)     Hanging your wash out to dry;

2)     Washing your  clothing by hand in a washtub;

3)     Getting rid of central air conditioning;

4)     Getting rid of your car and using public transportation;

5)     Decluttering, getting rid of possessions;

6)     Turn off all the lights that you’re not using;

7)     Use solar and wind power;

8)     Minimise your use of electricity;

9)     Grow your own food;

10)  Become a total vegetarian; and

11)  Decry corporations such as Monsanto who have one of the largest carbon footprint around.

How can living the simple life be a spiritual practice?

1)     Enjoying time in mother nature;

2)     Meditating outside;

3)     Praying outside;

4)     Walking in your bare feet in the grass and the sand at the ocean in order to receive directly the vibrations of the earth;

5)     Unplugging from technology at least one time weekly;

6)     Spending a day or days in silent reverence for all that is;

7)     Spending time around a death bed or birthing bed;

8)     Attending to a sick person without panic; and

9)     Practice peace of mind.

Attitudes To Death

I recently had the gift of attending a deathbed vigil and to simultaneously observe attitudes about death in my own family. A member of our family almost died recently, and has made a comeback. We asked her to go to Hospice with us to sit with our friend and she freaked out. In fact, the whole family got on my case for extending the invitation in the first place.

This alerted me to the real need to help bring death out of the closet, by doing more Teleseminar Hanginars (Google hangout webinars) on the subject. I believe I could do hundreds and make only a small dent in these perceptions that prevail in American society.

I know having casual conversations about death is the only thing that will stop the denial about death that prevails in human consciousness. As meaningful discourse evolves on these topics, a collective burden will be released. Living a simple life cannot proceed without it.


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Kate Loving Shenk has been a nurse for three decades where she has worked mostly in women’s health. She loves having meaningful conversations with people about their Love of Life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. Kate is an author, a Squidoo expert and is running her own teleseminar series. She also has her own radio show, Kate Loving Shenk and The Collective Wisdom.

You can find out more about Kate and her work at

Kate is a speaker at the Food For The Soul Teleseminar Series (proudly brought to you by Eco Health Solutions).

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