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Three Cheers from the Environmental Sensitivities Community

environmental sensitivities

So often I hear tales of discrimination, loss of rights and loss of dignity. We all hear of this often – mostly because environmental sensitivities are not well understood by the masses.

But today I have some great news! I have heard about a Canadian university that takes the needs of the environmental sensitivities community seriously.

I am really excited to see that Canadian Wilfrid Laurier University are actively taking care of people!

I can almost hear the Cheers ringing out from the Environmental Sensitivities Community Cheers! Hip-hip-hooray!

From their website:

While visiting, working, or studying at the Faculty of Social Work, we ask that you please avoid the use of perfume, cologne, lotions, scented hairspray, and other scented products.

The Diversity and Equity Office would like to remind you that you share the air with students, staff, and faculty with environmental or multiple chemical sensitivities. Although wearing fragrances is a personal choice, it is one that may negatively impact the health and safety of others.

I am delighted to share that there is more!!

They go on to list some health conditions (such as asthma) as well as signs and symptoms; some products that may contain fragrance; how to approach those who are fragranced and even how to deal with it if YOU are approached about fragrances.

You can read it all here:

What To Do Now If You Have Environmental Sensitivities?

Let’s snowball this – reach out to your place of education, workplace, your children’s schools and so on and as them to write and implement a simple policy like this.

This is our sign that we have in the clinic… We also have a wordier one explaining why. As well, here is the one I use.

wesharetheair-300x300 WE SHARE THE AIR

So, get creative, involve the kids, and start making signs and creating change.

Remember, when you approach others about fragrances, EMF or similar, it is important to be respectful – most people would not deliberately do something that is harmful… Give them the benefit of the doubt and make your request politely.

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