Insomnia Epidemic

The “Insomnia Epidemic”

There has been much talk recently of an insomnia epidemic. Have you heard about it?

It has been primarily based on data collected by devices such as smart phones and watches.

There is an enormous irony, though, because from what I am seeing, there is a chance that these very devices are contributing to the problem.

I have explained it in this video.


Did you know your alarm clock can also play a role in insomnia?

Many people place their electric alarm clocks right next to their heads.

This can expose them to very high levels of ELF AC electric fields and magnetic fields.

“I’m alright, I use my phone!”

Well then, in that case, you are likely to be exposing yourself to very high levels of high-frequency radiation, which I see affects many people’s sleep, as discussed above.

What then?


Just get yourself a battery-operated alarm clock.

I stock some here (they also measure temperature and humidity) – a dream device! 😉

Have you followed the above steps and are still having problems?

What else can you do? There are lots of measures that you can take. Here are some.

Check out this post on why sleep is so important.

Any form of stress can hamper sleep. Keep a check on:

  • Work-related stress
  • Relationships
  • Big changes
  • Light (this can help)
  • Noise
  • Environmental stressors, such as mould, poor air quality

Also, you should consider your use of devices in the evening. Watch this video.

And your bed and bedding can also play a role. Check this out.

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