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An enormous thank you goes out to the Sponsors of the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium.

It is the support from the broader community that makes the lives of those with Environmental Sensitivities more enriched.

Our Sponsors have supported this event, let’s support them!

Sponsors of the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium

Eco Health Solutions was founded by Lucinda Curran who integrates Chinese medicine and Building Biology to provide truly holistic healthcare for those experiencing Environmental Sensitivities.

Face-to-face and online services include: Chinese medicine consultations, Building Biology Audits, Courses and Mentoring – all are designed to assist you to reclaim your health and regain your life.


The Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA) was formed when it was discovered that there was no organisation that was dedicated exclusively to providing support for chemically affected people.


Writing and Editing Today offers freelance editing and virtual assistance services to authors and small business owners who need websites, blogs, and social media management. Gina Akao holds an MA  and a BA.


100% declared, natural, safe range of eco-friendly paints, oils, stains and cleaning products, healthier alternatives without compromising quality or durability.


“I can breathe!” exclaimed Adrien after designing masks to avoid triggering her asthma, thus she is medication-free.

I Can Breathe! designs masks for people sensitive to fragrances, smoke, dust, dander, pollen…


While treating a broad range of conditions, Daniel Godel’s particular area of interest and experience is in the treatment of digestive conditions.

There is a fragrance-free policy at the clinic.