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If you would like to read some very pertinent information, check out these great articles.

electro-sensitivity ban wireless Electro-Sensitivity: Second-Class Citizens in a Radiation World” – from charity ES-UK
causes and triggers Causes and Triggers of Environmental Sensitivities” from sponsor Eco Health Solutions
livos Understanding “VOC” in Paint: No Smell Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Non-Toxic” from sponsor Livos Australia
lyme_tick_2-nymphal-tick Could it be Lyme or Lyme-like Disease that’s Making You Sick?” from charity Lyme Disease Association of Australia
vegetables-140917_1280 Organic Food: Clearing Up the Confusion about Genuine Organics” from sponsor Angelica Organic Farm
sprouted 5 Tips for Selecting a Quality Protein Powder” from sponsor Amazonia


  1. 3-10-2015

    I see this is an online event. I am interested in speaking to someone about how this works, as of course suffering from a number of these, brain fog often prevents thinking clearly. Wondering weather this would include recommendations for treating Physicians.

    • 3-10-2015

      Feel free to get in touch with me using the contact form on the right… That way we can talk in private. I can also give you a call if you are in Australia. There is a lot of information from medical doctors and scientists. So, there would be useful information for them.
      Happy to chat more with you.

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