Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment

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If you aren't sure whether your place is making you sick, then get a Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment with Lucinda Curran!

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Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment – What I Love About Them

A Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment may be just what you need if you have any concerns that your place may be affecting your health, or your loved ones.

These calls are online on-camera calls where you take me around your place and show me what is going on. I really love being able to dig deep – being thorough is definitely one of my hallmarks… 🙂

The level of detail that I pick up on during these calls has stunned every single one of my “virtual” clients!

We can review issues to do with electromagnetic fields (although we can't measure them), indoor air quality, mould and water damage, dust and other issues, to name but a few!

If you have one small issue or questions, you may prefer a Hidden Hazards Hotline call.

What Is It?

A Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment is a 60-minute call where we meet online and on-camera and you literally take me around your place to show me what it is that you are worried about.

You know what else is great about these calls?

I always follow these calls up with a written summary of all the action steps that you need to take. I am solutions-focused, so you will know what to do next. 🙂

What these Calls are Not

  • These are not sales calls.
  • Some can only be identified by being onsite, and as such, all of your issues may not be resolved. Please note that if I don't think I can help, I will let you know prior.
  • These are not health consultations, and will not take the place of any advice provided by a practitioner overseeing your health.

What these Calls Are

  • Hidden Hazards Hotline calls are solutions-focused and designed to get you some answers.
  • Lucinda has conducted several hundred of these calls to date, and is very skilled at quickly identifying issues. With qualifications, experience and a load of up-skilling up her sleeves, she is adept at providing practical solutions. Practical solutions make a big difference!
  • Practical recommendations will be provided – some of these may be products. Know that we only sell the products we recommend – we don't recommend them just because we sell them.

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