Unscented Coconut Soap by Niugini Organics

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This Unscented Coconut Soap is made in Papua New Guinea from coconut oil.

Niugini Organics is an ethical company using single origin coconuts that are farmed in a sustainable way.

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What I love about Unscented Coconut Soap

I love this Unscented Coconut Soap for many reasons.

It has a rich lather which is lovely when bathing.

It feels that it is softening, rather than drying, like many mainstream soaps.

I love that it is from an ethical company that cares about sustainability, the environment and the workers.

Given that it is unscented, it is ideal to use for washing masks - it is gentle, too.

It's a lovely soap, and my go-to when I run out of Soaps of Nature Eco Health Solutions soap.

What is in It?

In your box contains 1x bar of Unscented Coconut Soap that weighs 100 grams.

It contains only sodium cocoate and water.

NOTE: Whilst it has not been scented, it is made where other lines of the soap are scented using essential oils.

How to Use your Unscented Coconut Soap

You can use this lovely gentle bar of soap for bathing, hand-washing and even for washing your masks.

To wash your mask, simply wet the mask, run the bar over it, lather it up and rinse clean. Roll your mask in a towel to remove excess water and hang it to dry.

Note - it is important to take care of your soap by keeping it dry. Store it in a soap dish that has good drainage. I find that rinsing off the bubbles seems to extend the life of the bar, too.