Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil is an excellent anti-fungal, with a proven ability to kills mould spores.

Thyme essential oil has been the subject of scientific research papers, links to some of these papers is below.

To clean mould off hard surfaces (such as windows), simply make up a detergent-water solution, add a few drops of Eco Health Solutions 100% Pure Essential Oil: Thyme and 100% Pure Essential Oil: Oregano  and clean with a well-wrung-out microfibre cloth.

Be sure NOT to rinse and reuse the cloth, instead, dispose of it after using to clean off mould.

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100% Thyme Essential Oil

This thyme essential oil is a product of Spain.

To preserve its integrity, it is packaged in green glass and has a dripper within the bottle so you can easily get a few drops of this potent essential oil, without overdoing it.


Bear in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated, and therefore only a 1-3 drops in 250ml of water is plenty.

Thyme essential oil (as for all essential oils) should not be ingested.

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Some Links to Research into Thyme Essential Oil

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