Texcare Laundry Powder has been designed specifically to protect the integrity of shielding fabrics.

As well, the planet and the chemically-sensitive were considered in its formulation.

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Why I Love Texcare

Texcare is essential if you have any shielding fabric - curtains, clothing, beanies, phone cases, and so on.


Because all other laundry products are not designed to protect these fabrics.

Shielding fabric contains metal - silver, copper and similar. As such, the products used to launder them needs to be protective, not destructive.

Once the metals are damaged in shielding fabric, the effectiveness of the shielding is lost. Which is not good considering that it is expensive stuff AND serves an important role in the health of our loved ones.

What else? It was formulated with those who are chemically sensitive in mind. Makes sense for a company who is making something potentially for the electrically sensitive to also consider those who are chemically sensitive, right?

On top of being fragrance-free, the ingredients are not only gentle on the fabrics, but also on the planet. 🙂

What Is It?

Each Texcare packet:

  • 1 kg of Texcare laundry powder
  • Does 20 loads... but if you are using a tiny amount to hand wash an item, then you'll get many more washes out of the kilogram
  • Contains: zeolite, vegetable oil-based soap, sodium citrate, coco glucosides (sugar surfactants), sodium bicarbonate, organic quillaja saponaria

How to Use Texcare

I usually use it to hand wash my beanie in the basin.

To wash in the washing machine, place 50g of Texcare in the detergent drawer; select a program for Delicates; wash at 30oC.

Note, if the care label on your item says something different, it is important to follow that specific advice instead.

Note, you are able to add a small amount of essential oil to the wash if you wish to.


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