Sweet Dreams Balm by Perfect Potion

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Sweet Dreams Balm

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Sweet Dreams Balm by Perfect Potion – Why I Love It

Sweet Dreams Balm by Perfect Potion is a gorgeous balm that draws on essential oils traditionally used to assist with getting a good sleep.

I have always said that if you are going to use essential oils therapeutically (and this includes ingesting them) that they should always be prescribed by a qualified aromatherapist… (not an MLM rep trying to make a sale).

Short of that, we can look to Perfect Potion, whose found Salvatore Battaglia, a pioneer of aromatherapy in Australia, and is a trained aromatherapist.

It is made of only natural ingredients and was created by Perfect Potion.

Something else I love about this is that it is close to the products which I used to make…

Which gives me greater confidence in having it here in the store.

What Is In It?

Made in Australia by Perfect Potion.

The ingredients are sweet almond oil, beeswax*, essential oils (lavender*, petitgrain*, sweet orange*, clary sage*, Roman chamomile*), vitamin E, sunflower seed oil.

*denotes certified organic ingredients

The contents weigh 30g.

It is in an amber glass jar.

This product contains all natural ingredients.

It contains natural constituents of essential oils: linalool, limonene, geranoil.

It is not vegan.

How to Use Your Sweet Dreams Balm

Massage a small amount into your temples, shoulders and back of your neck.

Mmmm… zzzzz!


Keep away from eyes and open wounds.

Do not store it in temperatures over 30oC.

It will melt and could leak out of the pot if left in a bag in your car…