ICB! Sports Activated Carbon Filters


ICB! Sports Activated Carbon Filters


Replacement filters for the sports honeycomb mask.
I have VERY limited stock of the original filters – so specify if you want these.



Carbon filter: Air layered web material consisting of powdered activated carbon bound onto a polyester support material with modified acrylonitrile copolymer latex (this synthetic latex does not contain the protein of natural rubber). NO COCONUT
There is very limited stock available of this original sports filter.
New Activated Carbon Filter COCONUT: Military-grade steam activated activated coconut shell carbon; two layers of particulate filtration from plant- or wood-based cellulose; glue on velcro is ethylene vinyl acetate.
The US cyclists used the I Can Breathe! Sports Kits in the Beijing Olympics.

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2-pack, 6-pack


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