Soothe Cream by Perfect Potion

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If you have sensitive skin, then Perfect Potion's Soothe Cream is here for you!

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Why I Love It Soothe Cream by Perfect Potion

Soothe Cream is a beautiful cream made by Perfect Potion, right here in Australia.

For decades, I've used my own skin care product, but when I saw this, I wanted to give it a go.

And now, having used it for many months, I can report to you that it is excellent –

So much so that I may not go back to using my own!

It is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue.

The essential oils are subtle and included for therapeutic reasons.

This is one brand I do trust Рbecause their founder, Salvatore Battaglia is a trained aromatherapist…

I've always said to only use essential oils as recommended by an aromatherapist (not some rep from an MLM).

What Is In It?

The ingredients are aqua (water), apricot kernel oil, cetearyl olivate, shea butter*, sorbitan olivate, sunflower oil*, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl caprylate, xanthum gum, vitamin E, essential oils (lavender*, honeysuckle), citric acid, sunflower seed oil, honeysuckle flower, neroli essential oil*,  calendula flower*, German chamomile essential oil*

*denotes certified organic ingredients

Contains limonene & linalool (both natural constituents of essential oil)

Contents: 50mL

It is in an amber plastic container.

This product contains all natural ingredients.

It is certified by ACO and is not tested on animals.

How to Use Your Soothe Cream

Simply massage a small amount into clean skin.

Can be used as a moisturiser.

May be reapplied as often as needed.


In the rare event of an adverse reaction, discontinue use.

Avoid the eye area.

Store in a cool an dry place.