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Soaps of Nature by Richelle Hanover

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Indulge yourself with one of these lovely bars – or gift one to someone you care about – that is, if you can bear to part with it! 🙂

What I Love about Soaps of Nature by Richelle Hanover

Richelle Hanover is the creator of Soaps of Nature.

Richelle, or Shelley, as I call her, has been a friend of mine for about 6 years. For most of those years she has been making these luxurious soaps.

Having had chemical sensitivities herself, she totally gets the whole fragrance-free thing. She properly gets it.

All of her soaps are made from natural ingredients - and these are what you can smell. (And there are no essential oils used.) Getting to know Shelley's soaps, you will fall in love with the subtle smell of the soap.

I have always loved them.

For many years now, I have included them in gift packs for my clients.

I recall once commenting on a post about one of her soaps that I gift them to clients. Someone was shocked that I would give them away! She said they were too special to give away. I agree.

But I love to share.

When I travelled the country to deliver training for the Building Surveyors, going back to my hotel room and using one of Shelley's soaps was so comforting.

Finally, I asked Shelley to make some "Eco Health Solutions" soap - and here it is.

A beautiful earthy green bottom layer, a white central layer and swirls of strawberry-pink on the top...

It looks almost good enough to eat!

I am very proud to introduce you to these exceptionally beautiful soaps.

What Is In It?

This is a vegan bar of soap. All ingredients are natural, as are the colours.


Oils of olive, coconut, ricebran, macadamia nut and castor; shea butter; madder root; Brazilian purple clay.

Each bar of soap is a minimum of 90g in weight. They are handmade, so there is a slight variation... but Shelley always makes sure it is in your favour. That's just the kind of sweetie she is. 😉

The soaps are hand-made in Victoria Australia by Shelley.

How to Use Your Bar of "Soaps of Nature"

Use your bar of soap as a hand soap or to bathe with.

For the longevity of the bar, it is best to keep it in a soap dish that drains well.

You can follow Shelley on social media here.

I also stock Shelley's Activated Charcoal Soap - which you can find here. >>


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