Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts are actually berries from the Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn. tree. They are a genuinely green alternative to the chemical- and fragrance-laden cleaning products on the supermarket shelves today.
The contain a natural detergent, saponin which is released when wet. 4 nuts in the calico bag provided are plenty for one load of washing. The other benefit is that the rinse cycle isn’t necessary as they don’t over-sud. They can be used again and again until they become grey and mushy.

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Soap Nuts

This bag of “gems” is so useful… what is more, not only does it come in a calico bag, but it comes with a small one to use with the soap nuts inside.

  • ideal for washing your I Can Breathe! mask
  • laundry
  • shampoo
  • liquid soap
  • body wash (complete with gentle exfoliation when used in the small calico bag)
  • and more!

Quantity: 100g
Soap nuts do not make a lot of suds, although the saponin contained within them is a natural cleaner. For this reason, your washing machine may not need to run the rinse cycle, chemicals and fragrances aren’t sent out to our oceans, and you (and the planet) can enjoy this greener option.
There are numerous recipes on the internet from people all over the world who have been using these “soap berries” for a long time. Search them out on Google and see what you can find – and feel free to share your creations with me, so I can pass them onto our community.
Sourced from Pakistan, these soap nuts are actually berries from the Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn. tree.
Also known as soap berries, washnut, Chinese soapberry.