Soap Nuts

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Soap Nuts are a genuinely green alternative to laundry products!

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Soap Nuts - Why I Love Them

Soap Nuts are berries from the Sapindus mukorossi tree and when they become wet they release saponin which is a soaping agent that creates bubbles. 

These are an awesome and genuine alternative to the mainstream products that we use, particularly in terms of laundry products.

By switching over, we no longer need to send fragrances, colors and other chemicals out to the oceans. By using Soap Nuts, we’re actually benefiting ourselves as well as the environment which is a big, BIG PLUS. 

I call these “my little bag of gems” and you can use them for washing your masks, doing your laundry, and as an alternative for shampoo, liquid soap, and body wash.

What Is In It?

100 grams of Soap Nuts are packaged in a calico bag, and come with a smaller bag that you can put them in when using them.

Soap Nuts are berries and are also known as soap berries, wash nuts and Chinese soapberry. 

They’ve been sourced from Pakistan.

How to Use Your Soap Nuts


Choose around 3 nuts, and lightly crush them. Place them in the small calico bag and then use them.


Take a few berries and crush them slightly and place them in the small calico bag. Pull the strings tight and tie a knot at the top to hold them in there. Then, you will just put them in with your wash. 

Given we aren’t using a whole lot of chemicals to do our laundry, you don’t need to do a rinse cycle as well. 

This will shorten the wash and reduce the amount of water that’s being used, as well. 

Other Uses: 

To use it for shampoo, liquid soap and body wash, you could get a small bottle with a pump top. Place some crushed berries inside and then some water.

Give it a good shake every time you want to use it. 

When the container runs out, be sure to wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry before refilling it.

You could also use it as a body scrub.

In this case, you would put the crushed nuts into the small calico bag and then rub that on your body while you’re showering. 

How Long Can You Use Them For?

You can keep on using your Soap Nuts again and again until they become grey and mushy. 

Then it's time to throw them out and start with some new ones.