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Shielded Sheet


If you are looking for a way to stay safe when travelling, then you will be pleased to know that I have a solution for you!

Having travelled extensively to present training, I refined my shielding to cope with the high levels of EMF/EME in hotel rooms.

Shielded Sheet - Why I Love It

This Shielded Sheet is based on my extensive trials whilst travelling around the country and overseas to present training for allied industries.

I stayed at many hotels and I was exposed to super high levels of EMF/EME.

One of the hotels was encrusted with phone towers. 😧

There were some on the roof,

But there were a mass of them stuck the side of the building!

This hotel was proudly wearing them like a tiara full of diamonds!


Phone towers emit only one type of EMF/EME that can be at high levels in hotels.

Multi-level (even 2-storey) buildings can expose you to high levels of both ELF AC magnetic and electric fields...

From adjoining rooms...

AND the floor below!

As well as elevators, numerous people and their wireless equipment...

And on it goes!

(You can read more about different types of EMF/EME.)


I used to ask for the room that had the worst wi-fi...

But quickly discovered that this was not enough!

There were too many other sources to avoid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Shielded Sheet must be grounded. Choose which length you want here.


What is in it?

This Shielded Sheet is made from a fabulous shielding fabric called "Steel Gray."

Which contains 40% cotton, 30% polyester, 30% stainless steel...

Enabling it to protect you from RF EMF/EME (wireless technology) and AC ELF electric fields (which is why it must be grounded).


SIZE: this sheet is approximately 1.9 x 1.4m.


In terms of shielding ability, it's shielding attenuation is 42 dB -

And has been tested against all the levels at which 5G will be used...

And stands up well.


How to Use Your Shielded Sheet



It is essential that the Shielded Sheet be grounded.

This is because it attracts AC ELF electric fields to it...

Please also choose a Grounding Cable from here.



Given the material contains metals, it important to wash it in a laundry powder designed to protect its shielding abilities.

The best products is Texcare - and you can get it here.

  • Be sure to wash it at temperatures below 60°C
  • Iron without steam
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not chemically dry-clean
  • Wash only with our special washing detergent Texcare, made without enzymes or bleaching agents



I started using this Sheet in hotels when travelling.

If you are in a multilevel hotel, it is best to have a Shielded Sheet above and below you.

(You can use 1 Grounding Cable for both.)


You can also use it on the couch, as a cape, or even as a canopy.