Relax Balm by Perfect Potion


Relax Balm is an aromatherapy balm by Perfect Potion.

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Relax Balm - Why I Love It

Relax Balm...

Okay - where do I start?

I love essential oils... used sparingly and safely.

I love Perfect Potion - as it is the brand of one of the pioneers of aromatherapy in Australia, Salvatore Battaglia.

It is a similar type of product to those I used to make, and therefore I know the way it was made and trust the brand.

This product has been designed to soothe and calm the mind and body, and encourage you to let go of tension.

And it smells divine!!

I love to use mine in the evening as part of my pre-sleep ritual.

I rub a little into my temples and the base of my skull...

And a little on the soles of my feet.

And then when I hop into bed, on comes my Eye Shade.

What Is In It?

Perfect Potion make this beautiful balm, right here in Australia.

The ingredients are sweet almond oil, beeswax*, essential oils (lavender*, mandarin*, geranium*, ylang ylang*, palmarosa*), vitamin E, sunflower seed oil.

*denotes certified organic ingredients

The contents weigh 30g.

It is in an amber glass jar.

This product contains all natural ingredients.

It is not vegan.

How to Use Your Relax Balm

You can massage it into your temples, neck, shoulders, wrists...

Giving yourself a gorgeous mini-massage -

Or having a loved one do this for you. 😉

It is ideal to use during a stressful day...

Or like I do, in the evenings before bed.


Do not store it in temperatures over 30oC.

It will melt and could leak out of the pot if left in a bag in your car...


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