RF-ID Blocking Credit Card Case

RF-ID Blocking Credit Card Case
* Perfect for iPhone 4 and smaller
This pouch has two pockets.
The inner pocket is fully lined with the “anti-radiation” fabric. Pop your phone in here when you do not want calls (when you are exercising, driving…)
The outer pocket allows your phone to send and receive as normal, however, it offers you protection by giving two layers of the fabric between you and your phone. Ideal for when you carry your phone in a pocket or bag. Also useful when holding the phone when on the internet – as you can rest the phone on top of the case.
Since smart phones have grown, these cases are ideal for credit cards – prevent identity theft by keeping your cards in the inner pocket.

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RF-ID Blocking Credit Card Case

  • polyurethane outer lined with nano anti-radiation coated fabric
  • dimensions: 13.0 cm x 8.7 cm x 0.5 cm

Shielding attenuation: 99.9% at 90dB
(also fits an iPhone 4 and other small phones – check out the cases for larger phones)
NB Regardless of which accessories you use, the following still applies:

  1. Minimise use of your mobile phone.
  2. Use it for SMS rather than voice calls.
  3. Limit calls to 2 minutes – shorter is better.
  4. Use your phone on speaker phone (and do not hold it while it is in use).
  5. Do not keep your mobile phone on or against your body.
  6. Turn it off when not in use.