ICB! Honeycomb Mask


Honeycomb Mask

  • Reduce exposure to: smogsmokeozonediesel exhaustfragrancesparticulate matter
  • Effective for poor air quality indoors, outdoors or on airplanes
  • A porous, lightweight, washable shell holds and seals a disposable carbon filter
  • Mask fits in a pocket
  • The adjustable ear loops allow for a personal fit and long wearing comfort, even with eye glasses, goggles or a helmet
  • Replace filter when breathing becomes difficult or odour comes through even after adjusting nose wire. How long a filter lasts depends upon your sensitivities and environment
  • You can talk and be heard while wearing these masks

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ICB! Honeycomb Masks Available In:

The I Can Breathe! honeycomb mask comes in a variety of colours to suit your preferences.

  1. beige
  2. black
  3. blue
  4. dark hunter green
  5. white lace over beige (* no longer has the rose on it)
  6. black lace over beige

The Honeycomb Mask:

Mask: Nylon and/or polyester shell, cotton/polyester, hard plastic, latex free elastic (I can supply organic cotton loops and metal rings to replace the elastic ~ let me know when you order).

Activated Carbon Filter Coconut: Military-grade steam activated activated coconut shell carbon; two layers of particulate filtration from plant- or wood-based cellulose; glue on velcro is ethylene vinyl acetate.

If you have a problem with polyester and other synthetic fibres, here is your solution.



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Honeycomb Mask

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