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Finally a safe Nursery & Toy Cleaner!

Keep babies and little ones safe from germs and chemicals with this 100% certified-organic non-toxic cleaner. 

Utilising the power of plant-based products to eliminate stains, bacteria and sticky residues, this product clears away both nasties and worries alike.

Perfect for using with Bamboo Microfibre Cloths.

Nursery & Toy Cleaner - Why I Love It

The main thing I love about this product is the Environmental Working Group (EWG) ratings for the ingredients. They are 1 or 2 - which is superbly low!

With a few ingredients and no added fragrance per se (it does contain lemon essential oil) this is a great product to use around those who are sensitive.

Back in the day, many moons ago, I was an early childhood teacher. I observed many times that bugs were spread from family to family, and back again, partially due to hygiene at the centre. 

By keeping your child’s toys clean, you really can help to minimise bugs.

That said, I am a strong advocate for kids playing outside and building their immune systems naturally. There’s a balance!

I actually use it when I go onsite to do assessments. I mix it in a tube with some Thyme and Oregano essential oils to supercharge it, and then use it to clean my equipment and cases. (It is essential that I don't contaminate anyone’s place.)

What is in it?

This kit contains a reusable spray bottle with a concentrate "pod."


How to Use Your Nursery & Toy Cleaner

Getting Started

  • Once the concentrate is diluted in tap water, it is best to use within 3 to 4 months from opening
  • Always clean your bottle with soap before you replenish. Store in a cool dry place
  • To increase the shelf life of the diluted solution, use filtered water or disinfect the bottle before each replenishment

Using this Cleaner

Simply spray the surface or toy needing cleaning, and wipe it down with a Bamboo Microfibre Cloth.

Another way to use it would be to empty the contents of the diluted pod into a bucket and soak toys, before scrubbing and rinsing them.


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