ICB! Silk-Lined Cold Weather Mask – Child

    Silk Lined Cold Weather Mask
  • Patented (US Patent 5,701,892)
  • Warms and humidifies cold, dry air
  • Useful for breathing difficulties triggered by cold air
  • Fleece mask
  • Lined with silk
  • Latex-free elastic ear-loops. (I can supply organic cotton loops and metal rings to replace the elastic ~ let me know when you order)
  • Roll in a towel to blot excess water, then wear damp for humidification in dry atmosphere, such as on long flights or in a desert

Child-size available in grey (to tone in with school uniforms)

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Child: available in Grey
Mask: polyester fleece, silk, latex-free elastic, hard plastic (nose piece).


Grey – Adult, Grey – Child, Sapphire Blue – Adult