ICB! Silk Comfort Mask

  • Is patented (US 5,701,892)
  • Filters nuisance level dust, grass, pollen, dander and mould
  • Comfortable for cleaning house, moving days, being around pets, walking outside during spring and autumn when pollen and mould spores fill the air, gardening, sewing, weaving, sleeping and exercising
  • As with all I Can Breathe! masks, it has adjustable ear loops (latex-free elastic) and a pliable nose bar for individual fit. (I can supply organic cotton loops and metal rings to replace the elastic ~ let me know when you order)
  • The sleek construction of the Silk Comfort Mask holds the fabric away from the nose and mouth so one can talk

Caution: This mask does not provide protection to lungs from smoke, fine particles, gases, hazardous dusts, or chemicals.
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Mask: natural silk, nylon, cotton/polyester, hard plastic (nose piece), and latex free polyester elastic