ICB! Honeycomb Sports Kit

Honeycomb Sports Kit

The perfect solution to smoke haze and other pollution.

NOTE: These were worn by US olympian cyclists at the Beijing Olympic games.

The ICB! Honeycomb Sports Kit includes: one Honeycomb Mask, one disposable Sport Filter and two reusable exhalation valves for the filter (Patent Pending)

Breathe in through the activated carbon filter. Breathe out, with a flap in each exhalation valve allowing the air to expel rapidly

This mask was evaluated by elite athletes competing in test events in Beijing before the air cleared for the games in August 2008.

Before disposing of filter, remove valves, wash and place them in new filter.


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Honeycomb Sports Kit – How Effective is it at Filtration?

The perfect solution to smoke haze and other pollution. These were worn by US olympian cyclists at the Beijing Olympic games.

Masks are designed to filter out different pollutants – the Honeycomb Mask filters at the level of a P2 filter. Here are results of testing conducted in 2006 which shows you the performance of the ACF (activated carbon filter).

honeycomb mask filtration

If you are need a mask for regular wear (ie you are not exercising) then the Honeycomb Mask is ideal.

For more information about I Can Breathe! masks, click here. 

Not sure what to get? 

Download your FREE guide and/or watch the video that I made to work out which one suits you best. This is recommended.

What are they made of?

Mask: Nylon and/or polyester shell, cotton/polyester, hard plastic, latex free elastic (I can supply organic cotton loops and metal rings to replace the elastic – let me know when you order).

Activated Carbon Filter Coconut: Military-grade steam activated activated coconut shell carbon; two layers of particulate filtration from plant- or wood-based cellulose; glue on velcro is ethylene vinyl acetate

Valves:  Plastic.

ICB! Honeycomb Sports Kit is Available in:

  1. beige
  2. blue
  3. black


blue, black, beige

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