Hidden Hazards Hotline

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Which one of these sounds familiar?

  1. There’s something wrong with your health. You’ve been doing everything you can to get back to normal… Nothing seems to get you back to 100%.
  2. Something has happened – perhaps it was a leak, water damage, a new phone tower or 5G mast was installed – and you want to know what to do.
  3. You have (or are planning) to have children – is your home safe? How will you know you have done all you can to protect them?

Hidden Hazards Hotline

A Hidden Hazards Hotline call will allow you to troubleshoot issues with me - Lucinda Curran. I am an experienced leader in the field of Indoor Environmental Health.

On this 20-minute call, I will discuss with you what is going on and aim to identify the issue(s). Obviously, there will be some things that can't be identified on a call eg smells.

The goal of the call is to identify your next action step.

If you prefer to have a longer call or it is a more complex issue, you can opt for the Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment which is a 60-minute online call. 

What I Love About These Calls

They enable me to help people all over the world unravel mysteries,  identify problems and dispel myths so that they can remedy what needs attention and improve their health.

Some people use these calls to determine whether a product is suitable for them or not, so I evaluate the item in question.

Others seek information on how to do something, like prepare their items for moving.

Someone else might choose to seek advice on how to address a particular problem based on a recent event.

Some have questions that they need help finding answers.

What is key is that we have time to address one problem well.


What these Calls are Not

  • These are not sales calls.
  • They may not solve all your issues - as some can only be identified by being onsite.
  • These are not health consultations, and will not take the place of any advice provided by a practitioner overseeing your health.

What these Calls Are

  • Hidden Hazards Hotline calls are solutions-focused and designed to get you some answers.
  • I have conducted hundreds of these calls to date, and is very skilled at quickly identifying issues. I am well-qualified, have many years' of experience and have done a ton of up-skilling. Therefore, I am adept at providing practical solutions that can make a big difference.
  • Practical recommendations will be provided - some of these may be products. Know that we only sell the products we recommend - we don't recommend them just because we sell them.

Check out what people say.

Carly Foo wrote to say:

"Lucinda was so warm and welcoming and was extremely patient in helping me to understand some very mathematical information! She was also very thorough in her questioning and going over all the points in my house which could be possible hazards including the construction of cell tower which was proposed 200m from my home (which i had no knowledge of?!)

I was deeply grateful for her expertise and her calm disposition over something I feel very anxious about (EMF exposure)....

A truly refreshing experience and worth every cent for the peace of mind that I  received from my session. People like Lucinda give me faith in humanity, wonderful people living with love and light are out there, THANK YOU!"

You can read all of Carly's message here.


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