Hand Sanitiser – ReSPARKLE

This Hand Sanitiser is a fantastic alternative to mainstream products.

Use it both for hands as well as surfaces.


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Hand Sanitiser – Why I Love It

Hand Sanitiser is also a Surface Sanitiser.

Believe it or not, I do have a “thing” for this product.

It is in a conveniently sized bottle, and is perfect for travelling with (the airports are happy to let it come through as carry-on).

The bottle is reusable… and ultimately recyclable.

I actually love the food-grade ingredients, too! All getting an EWG Rating 1.

I use it in multiple ways. Here are some:

  • There’s one in the car because often I have to handle “unsavoury” things, such as greasy door handles or public transport
  • I take one with me when travelling- same sort of reason as above
  • It is perfect to clean my phone and tablet – along with a Bamboo Microfibre Cloth, I can keep these surfaces quite clean

What is in it?

Here are some specs for the Hand Sanitiser.

It comes in a reusable aluminium bottle, holding 100 mL. ReSPArKLE says that you can get 300 sprays per bottle. 



According to ReSPARKLE, Hand Sanitiser:

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria according to TGA standards
  • NASAA Certified
  • 100% Natural
  • No-rinse is necessary
  • Non-drying alcohol-free formula

How to Use It


Simply spray it on your hands, rub them together til dry.


Alternatively, you can clean surfaces by simply spraying them and wiping them off with the Bamboo Microfibre Cloths – a great combination for cleaning phones and tablets.

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