Hand Sanitiser 1L by Perfect Potion

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Hand Sanitiser is an aromatherapy-based hand sanitiser by Perfect Potion.

Hand Sanitiser 1L - Why I Love It

This Hand Sanitiser 1L has been created by Perfect Potion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol was hard to come by, as hand sanitisers suddenly were being used by everyone.

So, Salvatore Battaglia and his Perfect Potion team thought outside the box... and teamed up with a local distillery.

That is why this product contains rum!

And that is why it smells like rum -

Not essential oils.

I love the story of how this Hand Sanitiser came into being.

And I wanted to make sure that you had options outside of the mainstream ones which are packed with all sorts of ingredients, including synthetic fragrances.

I also love that this is a way to buy in bulk, and save...

But given a 1L bottle is a tad bulky, I am including 2x 15ml glass bottles with spray nozzles so that you can pop one in your pocket or bag.

And you can always have one handy.

What Is In It?

This Hand Sanitiser is in a base of alcohol (Bundaberg Rum, to be precise) and is super-charged with the addition of essential oils.

It contains ethanol (plant derived 80% w/v), water,  glycerin (palm-free), essential oils (lemon*, lavender* and tea tree*).

*Denotes certified organic ingredients.

Note: because it contains rum, it smells like rum - not essential oils.

It is in a 1L plastic bottle.

I am including 2x 15ml blue glass bottles with spray nozzles so that you can keep it handy. ('Scuse the pun.)

How to Use Your Hand Sanitiser 1L

Spray the Hand Sanitiser onto your palm, then rub your hands together (like you would when you wash your hands properly) to coat all surfaces...

Keep rubbing until your hands are dry.

Now - whilst this is a great product...

If you have the chance to actually WASH your hands, you should do that instead.

Washing your hands properly is better than using any hand sanitiser.

If you are looking for some lovely soap that is unscented and kind to your skin, then check out these handmade soaps and also these coconut soaps.

Note re Shipping

This product will be shipped by road as it contains alcohol.

I will still send it via Express Post - as this takes priority - however being alcohol it is flammable.

Therefore it won't be as quick as regular Express Post... Okay?


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