I Can Sleep! Eye Shade by I Can Breathe!

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Eye Shade by I Can Breathe! will help block out light so you can have a healing, restorative sleep.

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Eye Shade - Why I Love It

This Eye Shade is made by I Can Breathe! - the creators and manufactures of all of the masks that we stock. They are a small US company, and all of their products are sewn in the US.

The  I Can Sleep! Eye Shade is made from organic cotton. It's a lovely dark midnight blue and it allows you to sleep either sitting or lying down without falling off.

It's got the flexible nose piece and the adjustable ear loops which means you can fit it to your face.

It blocks light extremely well when it’s fitted properly and this allows you to have a very deep, peaceful and healing sleep.

The darkness promotes a deeper sleep and when you sleep well, your body can actually heal. That is why it is so important to have darkness at night time - not to have clock radios, night lights or lamps on, or light coming from the outside. It’s important to sleep in absolute darkness.

This I Can Sleep! Eye Shade can make a huge difference when you are traveling or at home. You can simply and inexpensively block out the light so that you can get a quality sleep.

What Is In It?

This Eye Shade is made from layers of organic cotton. It has latex-free elastic ear loops and a flexible nosepiece.

If you prefer to have organic cotton loops and metal rings, let me know and I can send those to you when you place your order.

How to Use Your Eye Shade

When you get your I Can Sleep! Eyeshade give it a wash.

Hand-washing is always recommended using a fragrance-free soap. Then leave it to dry.

Once it’s dry, you can fit it to your face. You’ll adjust the nosepiece and the ear loops according to the video below.

HINT: Just be aware that the nosepiece  When you are going to do it the nosepiece will be at the bottom, unlike the mask where the nose piece is on the top.

Once it's fitted it will retain its shape.

I always put it on my face first and then place the ear loops over my ears. The Eye Shade will then stay in place all night very comfortably and will do a fantastic job of blocking out the brightness. Sleep well! 🙂

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