Essential Oil Diffuser (Water-Free)

This ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser allows you to enjoy your essential oils without increasing any risks of mould.

It is easy to clean and does not require any water to diffuse the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

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Essential Oil Diffuser – Why I Love It

This Essential Oil Diffuser is absolutely fabulous! I first discovered this kind of oil diffuser when I was teaching in early childhood settings.

What I love about them is that they were completely safe for use around children because you can't spill hot wax from candles or hot water – neither are needed!

Also, they are safe to leave unattended because they don't overheat and are even not too hot to touch.

This means that you can plug them in and add your oils.

If you do forget about them, it's not a problem, as they don't overheat.

They are very easy to clean, especially when the ceramic surface at the top is still warm…

You can simply wipe them over with your Microfibre Cloth.

What Is In It?

The Essential Oil Diffuser is ceramic. It is all one-piece so its very easy to keep clean.

The power cord is about 1.3m long.

This means you can place it out of reach of small hands.

The white Oil Diffuser is wider and has a shallow dish where you can place a few drops of essential oils.

The green Diffuser has lovely swirls of green and a light green dish. It is narrower but has a deeper dish. This means you can place not only essential oils, but also use it with melts.

Now just a note on that, be very careful about the melts that you choose because of the ingredients that they are made from. Some companies make soy melts with essential oils and these are quite actually safe. But there are all sorts of other ingredients that are often used in melts, so do take care.

How To Use It Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Simply plug-in your Essential Oil Diffuser and place a few drops of essential oils in the dish and allow it to diffuse into your space.

Please note that these essential oil diffusers are a lot gentler than the ones that require water. That is because it is using heat to gently disperse the essential oils rather than spurting them into the air and into the room.


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