Essential Oil Diffuser – Water-Free

Experience the benefit of essential oils without adding moisture to the air.
Why is this important? Because increasing moisture levels can provide the perfect opportunity for microbial activity (yes – it can promote mould growth).
Often I recommend using essential oils to my clients, but they can’t find a diffuser which doesn’t require water. Thus, I have sourced this one for you!

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Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is electric – so there are no risks with candles, it won’t overheat AND there is no need for water.
This is my preferred method of essential oil diffusion because it is not adding moisture to the air and it also doesn’t “burn” the oils.
It is easy to clean, too. Simply unplug it, let it cool and then wipe it over with a damp microfibre cloth. For an “extra clean” use a cotton ball dipped in eucalyptus oil.

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Concerned about moisture or mould?

Read more about water damage and mould HERE.

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