Eco Friendly House Plants BC Wolverton

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Want a simple, cheap, living air purifier that is designed to match your needs?

Eco Friendly House Plants - Why I Love It

Eco Friendly House Plants - oh boy, I have loved this book since I first saw it back in 2012! It is a timeless beauty. A coffee table book that contains really useful information as well as gorgeous photographs.

Here’s the background.

The author, B.C. Wolverton is a retired NASA scientist. When he worked for NASA, he researched which plants cleaned the air best, and what each plant was best at removing.

With our buildings built tighter and tighter to meet energy-efficiency ratings, we are trading a well-ventilated building for thermal comfort. What this means is that anything and everything that we bring into our places off-gases and contributes to poor indoor air quality. 

This can result in the indoor air being up to 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. 


Yes! I think so, too! 


We are lucky enough to have access to this great book where Wolverton shares his research in a really user-friendly way. 

This is one of my favourite books - non-fiction of course!

What is in it?

This hardcover beauty contains 144 full colour pages. 

It contains 120 colour illustrations - it truly is stunning!

It was published a while back - 1st December 1996. 

How to Use Eco Friendly House Plants

Well, it’s a book - so you kinda know how that goes, right?

With all of this fabulous research jammed into the pages, you can 

  • Identify which plants would be best in your home, workplace, and even bedroom. 
  • Select plants based on what they filter out of the air.

Ultimately, you can create your own LIVING AIR PURIFIER. 😉

Pretty cool, huh?

Just a few cautions.

1) If you live in a very humid climate, adding house plants may actually increase it. Ideal relative humidity is 50% - you can keep tabs on this using a Hygrometer.

2) Take care to have a solid tray/base under your indoor house plants, as if you overwater them they can result in mould. 

3) Be sure to use certified organic soil, and consider a Silk Comfort Mask when you are gardening.


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