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When you avoid using chemicals for cleaning, you rely more on “elbow grease”… and with a Copper Scourer, gone are the days of breaking your nails or scratching your pans in the name of scrubbing!

Copper Scourers - Why I Love Them

Copper Scourers to the rescue!

While I love a clean kitchen (and house), I have to say, washing up is not one of my favourite tasks. However, I can’t escape it . 😉

I am always mindful of what actually goes down the drain - I want my ecological footprint to be as small as possible.

What I do is use natural synthetic-fragrance-free detergent, along with sodium bicarbonate, Bamboo Microfibre Cloths and my trusty Copper Scourer. Then working in stages with getting things clean… Not eating meat means things are a lot less messy anyway.

If I can’t get it off with the detergent and cloth, then I let it sit, and try again. 

If there is still no progress, I use sodium bicarbonate with a well-wrung cloth and give it a scrub.

Yet again, if there is no joy, I then reach for my scourer.

We don’t have non-stick pans, but if you do, make sure that you don’t use your scourer on them - they will scratch.

What I love about them? They are copper, and thus won’t rust; and are easy to rinse clean after use.

NOTE: I have noticed that they don’t wear as well as a steel scourer, and do need replacing more frequently… which is why this 2-pack is great!

What Is In It?

Copper Scourers - ReSPARKLE

  • 2-pack
  • 100% pure copper

Added oomph for your chemical-free cleaning.

They are suitable for heavy duty cleaning and can be used to clean tiles and grout, too.

How To Use Your Copper Scourers

Washing Up

These are fantastic to use when washing up on stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic pots and pans.

IMPORTANT: Do not use on non-stick surfaces - which you should avoid using anyway, read more here.

Other Uses

  • Cleaning the oven
  • Scrubbing down the BBQ
  • Cleaning tiles and grout

Whilst these are gentler than other scourers, they have the potential to scratch. Do not use them on non-stick surfaces, cars, and other similar items.


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