Cold Weather Mask (Child) by I Can Breathe!

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These Cold Weather Masks are suitable for children.

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Cold Weather Mask - Why I Love It

This mask is the most delicious of all masks. It is lined with silk and the outer is a beautiful, soft poly fleece. It’s warm, it’s comfortable and it’s so soft.

What I love most about this mask is it can help to prevent cold-induced asthma.

This is the child- sized mask so it will be suitable for your kids.

They can wear it in winter if they are going skiing or anytime that they might be affected by the cold.

I find that it is particularly helpful for people who are affected by the cold, particularly when they are cycling.

It has got a flexible nosepiece and adjustable ear loops which means you can adjust it to fit the size and shape of your child's face.

It is just so lovely that I wish it was cold enough where I live to be wearing one all the time - it is beautiful!

This mask can also be used to assist with humidity. If you are somewhere where the air is very dry, you can wet it and wear it damp.

Not Sure Which Mask to Get?

This mask warms cold air before you breathe it in. It doesn’t filter anything. If you are wanting to filter out fumes or other particulate, then please download your free guide and watch the video that I made to work out which ones suits you best.

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What Is In It?

The Cold Weather Mask is made from poly fleece and is lined with natural silk.

The ear loops are latex-free elastic.

There is also a flexible nosepiece.

  • Size: Child
  • Colour: Grey

How to Use Your Cold Weather Mask

When you get it, like with any new product, give it a wash.

Wash it by hand with unscented soap and leave it to dry.

Once dry, you need to take some time to carefully fit it to your child's face.

We’ve got a video here on how to fit the mask.


In Dry Climates…

To moisten dry air simply wet the mask, roll it in a towel to blot out excess water and wear it when damp.

This can be a good option on long-haul flights as well as if you are in the desert.

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Grey – Adult, Grey – Child, Sapphire Blue – Adult