Coconut Soap


Coconut Soap


Coconut Soap is a blessing for sensitive skin and sensitive people. This soap is unscented and is made from organic coconut oil.
It does not contain palm oil, colours, fragrances… or anything else. Just natural coconut goodness.
It is available singly or in a 2-pack.



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Soap – UNSCENTED

Having given up on my last supplier who changed their formula by adding some fragranced ingredient, I now stock this beautiful NiuGini Coconut Soap instead.
This soap lathers beautifully and is rich and creamy. It does not contain palm oil – a plus for the orang utans!
INGREDIENTS: 100g coconut soap (lye and water are used in the production, but because the lye is a catalyst, there is none left after production)
As with all soap, be sure to keep it in a soap dish. This allows it to dry and can extend the life of the bar of soap.

  • it is unscented so can be used to wash your I Can Breathe! mask
  • as a shampoo
  • to handwash delicates
  • to wash your dog

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single, 2-pack


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