Cleaning Starters Pack

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Q: How can you clean effectively without harming your health and the planet?

A: By getting this Cleaning Starters Pack

Read on for more information.

What I Love about Cleaning Starters Pack

The Cleaning Starters Pack is the ideal way to get away from both chemicals and plastics.

Chemicals in our homes can be dangerous...

They can cause problems as they do down our drains,

And into the air, too!


Plastics are made from petrochemicals -

And there truly are no safe plastics.

What is more, they add microplastics to our oceans - which is devastating sea creatures.


This pack is designed to get you going with the most important cleaning products.

What else do you need?

  1. Water
  2. Good olde fashioned "elbow grease"
  3. Some bicarb


The other really important point about bamboo is that it is naturally antimicrobial.


What Is In The Pack?

2x Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

The cream Bamboo Scrubbing Brush has sisal for the bristles and this is moderately soft.

The brown Bamboo Scrubbing Brush is made from coconut palm as well as sisal and it's a lot harder.

The handles are made from bamboo and the bristles are made from either sisal or a combination of sisal and coconut palm.


3x Bamboo Microfibre Cloths

These are made from 100% bamboo.

Their dimensions are 23cm X 18cm - which is a great size, even for small hands.

They are not bleached or dyed.

They have two layers, making them durable and excellent for a lot of cleaning.


How to Use Your Cleaning Starters Pack

Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

Washing the Dishes

Given these brushes have a different level of hardness they are perfect to put in a sequence of cleaning...

When washing up, I would start with the Bamboo Microfibre Cloth.

If something was a bit more stubborn, I'd then use a bit of bicarbonate of soda (bicarb) with the Bamboo Microfibre Cloth. 

Next, would be the cream bristled Bamboo Scrubbing Brush followed by the brown bristled Bamboo Scrubbing Brush.

And then after that, if it’s not a non-stick surface, you could use the Copper Scourer to remove any cooked food.


In terms of cleaning, the brown bristled Bamboo Scrubbing Brush can be used to scrub off those harder-to-remove stains.

Both are great in the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere that needs cleaning.

Because they are small, they are able to get into the crevices that bigger brushes can’t reach.

Washing Vegetables

I would highly recommend the cream Bamboo Scrubbing Brush for this task. 

Bamboo Microfibre Cloths

Bamboo Microfibre Cloths work well with just water - cleaning products are not actually required. (Another win for the environment - and your budget).

Wet Dusting

You can “wet dust” by wetting and squeezing your cloth out well. Wipe the surface, and follow it with a dry Bamboo Microfibre Cloth.


  • Use a dry Bamboo Microfibre Cloth to sop up a spill - you will witness its superpowers at soaking things up
  • General cleaning can be done using a dry cloth and a mister - simply spraying some water on the oven door before wiping it over with the cloth
  • Mix up warm water with a few drops of essential oils, and use these to clean your place 
  • TOP TIP: keep your cloths for different areas - write on the label, or pin a coloured ribbon on it. For example, green for kitchen, blue for bathroom, pink for floors

Caring for your Microfibre Cloths 

  1. Simply wash them regularly in a warm wash. 
  2. Take care NOT to add fabric softeners as these will stop your cloth from working properly.
  3. Do NOT tumble dry.
  4. Drying them in the sunshine is ideal.