Cleaning 101

Cleaning 101 – your answer to chemical-free cleaning!

Made entirely from 100% essential oils, this little bottle has a lot of cleaning power.

The combination of lavender and tea tree oil provide you with a powerful cleaning aide.

Added to this are the well-researched mould-busters: oregano and thyme essential oils.

These tremendous oils are known for its antiseptic, deodorising and antimicrobial properties. In combination you get a naturally potent:

  • antiviral
  • bactericidal
  • anti-fungal

Naturally concentrated, only a a few drops are needed to give your mop or cloth super-powers!

Simply add some to your bucket when mopping the floor, combine a few drops with bicarb for deodorising your carpets, use it with white vinegar to clean your toilet bowl.

  • Supercharge your cleaning efforts
  • Naturally concentrated
  • All ingredients are Vegan


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Cleaning 101

Cleaning 101 contains 100% pure essential oils of lavender, tea tree, oregano and thyme.


Cleaning 101 is packaged in green glass to preserve the integrity of the oils.

Each bottle has an inbuilt dropper so you can get the few drops you need at a time.


100% Oregano Essential Oil and 100% Thyme Essential  Oil are sold separately, or as a pack (saving you almost 20%).