Car Diffuser

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This Car Diffuser is great for enjoying aromatherapy in the car.

Simply place 1-2 drops of essential oil onto the pad, slide the pad into the diffuser, plug into the cigarette and you're set!

The Car Diffuser comes with 5 pads.


Car Diffuser – Why I Love It

My car diffuser is in use on almost every car trip I do.

I do keep it unplugged when I have my dogs in the car.

It's primary use in my car is to burn Oregano and Thyme Essential Oils, particularly after doing assessments – the last thing I want is to contaminate my car and risk cross-contaminating every place I go to.

I see this as an important part of my work, and as such, have given one to each team member to help keep mould at bay.

For long drives, I might burn more stimulating essential oils, such as rosemary, eucalyptus or peppermint.

Do take care not to:

  • use too much essential oil
  • use relaxing/sedating essential oils

It plugs into the cigarette lighter to gently heat and diffuse the oils. What else do we use that plug hole for these days??

What Is In It?

The Car Diffuser pack includes:

  • Car Diffuser, which plugs into the cigarette lighter
  • 5x oil pads

The Replacement Pads pack includes:

  • 5x replacement pads

How To Use Your Car Diffuser

The Car Diffuser is really simple to use.

  1. Place 1-2 drops of essential oils on the pad. (Note: essential oils are not included)
  2. Slide the pad into the diffuser
  3. Plug the diffuser into the cigarette lighter of your car


Do Not Use Sedating Essential Oils

I do figure that this is really obvious, but, just in case it isn't: Choose your essential oils wisely when driving or operating your car.

Consider Pets and Animals

There are many essential oils that are not suitable for use around animals.

I would go so far as to say, given their smaller size and heightened sense of smell, that only the tiniest amount is acceptable.

Check with your vet or aromatherapist.

Essential Oils Are Not Okay For Everyone

Some people are chemically sensitive, and this means that they do not tolerate essential oils. It is not okay for everyone “because it is natural.” It, in fact, essential oils are highly processed. Respect the needs of others, if someone has a sensitivity, please avoid using the relevant oil(s).

Also, some essential oils, eg lavender, can be extremely stimulating for people. It is not well tolerated.


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