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We all know how superior microfibre cloths are at cleaning.

But then there is the issue of the microplastics polluting our poisoning our planet.

Here is the solution!

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Bamboo Microfibre Cloths - Why I Love Them

While I have long been a fan of microfibre cloths and their ability to clean with little more than water, it was playing on my mind that by using them I was ultimately contributing to the microplastics issue in our oceans.

The hunt was spurred on by one of my students deliberately not recommending the use of microfibre cloths for this very reason. (Like minds!)

There had to be an alternative. There had to be microfibre cloths made from natural materials… somewhere.

It was then that another student let me know about these ones.


“Houston, we have a solution!”

I love that they can be colour-coded for different rooms. What I don’t love is that they have been dyed… Which is more chemicals, right when we were getting close to a perfect solution!

So, my search resumed. That was when I located a supplier of undyed Bamboo Microfibre Cloths. I now stock these and you can buy them in bulk. Check them out.

These are a nice size for washing up and cleaning. They are effective, useful and work really well.

I recommend that you launder these cloths regularly. By regularly, I mean at least once a week. Use a warm wash and avoid using fabric softeners.

What Is In It?

  • 3-pack
  • Dimensions: 23cm X 18cm.
  • 100% bamboo

Each cloth is a different colour, helping you to designate a certain colour for a certain use. You won’t end up using the bathroom one to wipe down your kitchen benches! 

How to Use Bamboo Microfibre Cloths

Washing Up

Simply use them as you would any other cloth for washing up.


Either wet and wring out well and use it for cleaning. Or spray water on a surface that you want to dust.

Caring for Them

Wash them regularly in the washing machine on a warm wash.

Avoid using fabric softeners as these will damage them.

Avoid tumble drying.

Line-drying in the sun is ideal.