Air Tube Earphone 3-pack

New Improved Air Tubes

The Air Tube Earphones are an ideal to reduce your EMF exposure.
Suitable for mobile phones, music players, tablets, computers and more.
These stereo Air Tube Earphones have good sound quality and are useful not only for phone calls, but also listening to music, podcasts and joining webinars.
What makes these ideal is that the last 15.5cm are plastic tubes allowing sound to travel to your ears without wires – this creates distance from the wiring, an important step in reducing exposure. As well, the wires (only present in the lower portion) are braided to reduce magnetic fields.
You are also able to use your mobile phone or other device without holding it – you can put it down on a table or chair to create distance from your device.

  • braided wires
  • hollow air tubes and earbuds
  • answer/hang-up button on the microphone (for hands-free use) – see below
  • sturdier join where the wires separate

Just want one pair? These can be purchased singly, too.
Now Available in:

  • gold
  • silver
  • rose

Please note: our air tubes all have tips that look like the silver ones – none of them have pink inners.

$121.00 $135.00


Air Tube Earphones are made from:

  • Plastic and annodised aluminium components
  • 3.5mm plug
  • 1.2m cable
  • Stereo

The earbuds and the plastic tubes that connect them to the speaker are hollow.
The wires are braided which reduces magnetic fields.

These Air Tube Earphones also feature an answer/hang-up button (located on the microphone) that works reliably on iPhone 4S and up, as well as Samsung and other phones. This means that you can use your phone hands-free.

NOTE: re newer iPhones
Newer iPhones have a lightning plug, so to use these air tubes, you will need to use an adaptor, like these ones here.

NB These air tube (or any other) earphones are not going to completely eliminate health risks. They  do enable you to use your phone without holding it, and also provide the desired minimum gap with wiring to reduce exposure to EMF.

Regardless of which accessories you use, the following still applies:

  1. Minimise use of your mobile phone.
  2. Use it for SMS rather than voice calls.
  3. Limit calls to 2 minutes – shorter is better.
  4. Use your phone on speaker phone (and do not hold it while it is in use).
  5. Do not keep your mobile phone on or against your body.
  6. Turn it off when not in use.


airtube earphone 3pk

Silver, Gold, gold+silver+rose, 2 gold + 1 silver, 2 silver + 1 gold