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This is the e-magazine from the 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium. It contains articles, creative entries, and more! Order your copy for free!

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2016 ESSymposium e-magazine - Why I Love It

Wow! The 2016 ESSymposium (Environmental Sensitivities Symposium) was a massive online event that I put together… and the e-magazine was an extra. 

It was fabulous to be able to include so many members of the community, apart from thought leaders from around the world. There was a competition for creative entries - and we even got songs! 

This is an amazing resource. In all honesty, the content is as relevant today as it was then - some of what was included has only recently reached the masses (eg glyphosate).

The “canaries” from this community really do sing!

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What Is In the 2016 ESSymposium e-magazine?

The 2016 ESSymposium e-magazine is a culmination of articles and contributions from both experts and members of the environmental sensitivities community.

  • 36 full colour pages
  • downloadable to your computer or device
  • FREE

It contains articles from people all around the world, including:

  • Dr Stephanie Seneff
  • Dr Taryn Phillips
  • Katie Singer
  • Michael Bevington 
  • Nicole Bijlsma
  • Lucinda Curran
  • Lyn McLean
  • Carol Parr
  • Angela Petruzzi
  • Peter Higgins & Russell Bryan 
  • Helen Blacker
  • Dianne Potts
  • Hannah Robbins
  • Creative contributions from Pam Brake, Kate Corcoran, Shelley Jean Wright, Dr Sivani Saravanamuttu and Florie Freshman 
  • and more!

How to Use It

Once you have ordered it, you will be able to download a copy. 

Please download it to your computer or device, read and enjoy!

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