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Radio Frequency Meter

Quickly determine the levels of radio frequency EMF that you are exposed to with this Radio Frequency Meter.

It measures from 50 MHz all the way up to 8 GHz – which covers existing technology and the levels at which #5G will be rolled out at.


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Radio Frequency Meter – Why I Love It

This Radio Frequency Meter allows you to make an informed choice… and I love informed choice. You can quickly and easily get an idea of what you are being exposed to and make a decision about how much time you will spend in that space.

This meter measures only Radio Frequency EMF – this is to do with wireless technology, Internet of Things (Iot) and 5G. 

Devices that utilise RF technology include: mobile phones, internet TV, wireless routers, smart meters, smart devices, smart cars… (there’s little things called “zigbees” these >smart< products).

Although it is not a professional piece of equipment, it is accurate and reliable. It is the only non-professional piece that I would recommend to assess RF EMF. Despite the fact it doesn’t give you an actual number, but a range, the ranges are fairly small, and the gauge is clear.

As technology is rolled out, without enough scientific evidence to prove that it is safe, we are all bathing in “electrosmog” – I think of this as EMF-pollution. While the scientists debate, there are concerns and there is suffering (note that not all people are sensitive – in that not everyone feels it). I would much rather that this technology had been proven safe BEFORE it was rolled out…

Let’s adopt the Precautionary Principle – if we don’t know it is safe, we choose to minimise our exposure.

What is it?

Here are the specifications for this meter.

  • Measures from 50 MHz up to 8 GHz
  • Run by a 9V battery
  • It has Regular Mode and Hypersensitive Mode (which is why I like this one so much)
  • Lights indicate the strength of the field – and comes complete with a guide to decode the lights
  • This Radio Frequency Meter has been developed around Building Biology Standards, and as such, the Hypersensitive Mode lights correlate directly with what we see as safe or otherwise
  • ESI-21- patent pending

How to use it

It is a basic meter that is user-friendly and comes with instructions to get you going.

As an “omni-directional” meter it picks up EMF from all directions at once. It will provide you with a fairly accurate indication of overall levels of radiofrequency EMF.

(I say, “fairly accurate” because it is not a professional piece of equipment,  which starts at around $3,000 each. This meter is top of the range at this price point.)

If you would like advice on what to do once you see the levels, then please book a Hidden Hazards Hotline call or a Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment.

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