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Lightning Adapter

Lightning Adapter allows you to connect to the internet via cable, as well as use an external keyboard, all with super-fast connectivity.

This is great for smooth streaming AND fabulous for reducing your exposure to EMF, as you can do all of this in Flight Mode!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have had 1 in 15 break. As a result – when you order 1, I will send you an extra one. Thus, two for the price of one… but I am selling them “As Is.”

NOTE: Some of the outer cardboard boxes are a little bit damaged, but this does not affect the product which is well packed inside. However, I have reduced the price because of this. ** If you are ordering one for a gift, please let me know. **

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Lightning Adapter – Why I Love It

This Lightning Adapter has won my heart!

Not only is it awesome to connect to the internet, but you are also able to plug in an external keyboard.

It seems with the way of the modern world, where everyone is addicted to their phones and devices, getting them off these is a “losing battle.”

Actually reducing your screen time is ideal – as you will improve your concentration, mood, eye health and even relationships with others… and overall engagement with the world.

I do realise that getting people to have some hours or even a day of “Digital Detox” is getting harder and harder… Which is especially so for the generation that has grown up with our modern technology.

This to me, this is a compromise. Use your devices, but do so more safely.

It will not solve the issue of short-wave light exposure from the LEDs in the screen, your concentration or your engagement in the world. But it will reduce your EMF exposure if you use these. That’s a win, agreed?

What is it?

This impressive Lightning Adapter can be used for i-products – iPhones, iPads, iPods.

It allows you to plug into all three of these:

  1. ethernet RJ45 port
  2. USB port
  3. lightning port

Meaning that you can use your i-product on ethernet – keeping it in flight mode and reducing your exposure to RF EMF.

Specifications of Lightning Adapter

  • Lightning Adapter to RJ45 LAN ethernet adapter converter
  • High speed internet connection: 10/100mbps Ethernet LAN Wired Network
  • 3-in-1 Adapter: USB, RJ45, Lightning
  • Anodised aluminium frame, with durable plastic casing
  • Reliable use for iOS: 9.2 or higher
  • Plug-in-and-use – easy installation

NOTE: I ordered a small batch, and as such, they were packed poorly… Thus, the outer cardboard boxes are slightly damaged – which is why the price is reduced. The damage to the outer cardboard box has no bearing on the functioning of these Lightning Adapters, as they are well -protected with the inner blister packaging.

How to Use it

It is SO simple to use. 

Simply ensure you turn off mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, then plug in the Lightning Adapter, and then plug in your internet cable.

Download Our Troubleshooting Guide – although this was written for an earlier model that we stocked, the same still applies to this one. I also find that new iOS updates can cause it to stop working, but then it does work again.


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