Honeycomb Mask by I Can Breathe!

The Honeycomb Mask by I Can Breathe! Is designed to filter out fumes like perfumes, car fumes and cigarette smoke.

Restrictions due to the pandemic:

  1. Maximum of 2 masks per person
  2. Maximum of 2x 2-packs of Activated Carbon Filters
  3. Delivery to Australian and New Zealand addresses only

$52.00 incl GST


Honeycomb Mask – Why I Love It

The Honeycomb Mask is my go-to mask. This is the mask that changed my life! 

When I was at my worst with chemical sensitivities, I knew that I needed a break from them so that my body could recover, so that I could regain tolerance and get back up on top of things.

This Honeycomb Mask provided that break for me and turned my life around. 

This mask is designed to filter out things at a fume level and can filter out things like perfumes, car fumes, cigarette smoke and other things of that nature. 

I’ve got a table here to show you a comparison of how this mask performs as opposed to the other masks, so just have a little look at that. Check out the table below to see how fantastic this mask is filtering out tiny particles.

honeycomb mask

Note that it is similar to the N95 or P2 mask, although it’s not quite as effective. If you are cycling, exercising or outside a lot, you may prefer the Sports Kit.

If you are not sure which mask suits your purposes, then download our free guide and watch our video HERE.

This is the favourite mask for people with chemical sensitivities and is well-loved in that community. 

The Activated Carbon Filters for the Honeycomb Mask are good for 40 hours of use, depending on your level of sensitivity and how polluted the environment is. 

You can also save the old filters and can use them to double-up when you are going in an extra polluted environment. For instance, on the airport or on the plane. 

The mask fits easily into your pocket and is comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

What Is In It?

What is in a pack:

Honeycomb Mask comes complete with one Activated Carbon Filter. The filter is good for around 40-hours of use.

Replacement Activated Carbon Filters comes as either a 2-pack or a 5-pack.

NEW Washable Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Filter this reusable filter can take around 60 washes! These are sold individually.

What the components are made of:

The Honeycomb Mask has a nylon and/or polyester on the shell. It also contains cotton and polyester. 

There is a flexible nose piece which is plastic and metal.

It also has latex-free elastic ear loops. 

If you prefer cotton ear  loops, then let me know and I can send them those to you when you order. 

The (disposable) Activated Carbon Filter is made from coconut. The military grade steam-activated coconut shell carbon and it has two layers of particular filtration from plant or wood based cellulose. 

The velcro spots which hold the filter in place have been glued on using an ethylene-vinyl acetate-based glue. 

The (reusable) Washable Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Filter contains 2 layers of bamboo carbon and has an organic cotton outer… Thus there are four layers in total: cotton, carbon, carbon, cotton.

If you’ve got problems with polyester and other synthetic fibres, then you are best to go with the Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask OR use the new Washable Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Filter.

How to Use Your Honeycomb Mask

When you receive your mask be sure to wash it before use.

Please note that the filters are not washable but the outer mask is.

Using an unscented soap, wash it by hand and hang it to dry.

It’s lightweight and dries very quickly when you wash it. Be sure to remove the filter first before you wash it.

Once dry, position the filter in it and then fit the mask to your face as per the video below.

The Washable Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Filter needs to be washed before use. The same method of washing can be used when you feel it is “clogged”. Simply hand wash it using an unscented mild soap, rinse it well, then roll it in a towel to remove excess water; and finally, hang it to dry.


honeycomb mask

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Beige, Black, Blue, White Lace Over Beige, Replacement Filters 2-pack, Replacement Filters 5-pack, Replacement Washable Filter 1-pack

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