This versatile dehumidifier is perfect for all climates.

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Dehumidifier – Why I Love It

This Dehumidifier is my #1 all time favourite. 

The other type, the Desiccant Dehumidifier, can only be used in cold climates.

This one is better in warmer temperatures… AND it can be used in any weather because it has an inbuilt ceramic heater to warm things up to an optimal level. Clever little beastie, this one is!

As well, it shows you the current level. This means if you are using it to mitigate the steam from showering, you know when to turn it off. 

To be clear, the ideal range for relative humidity is between 40-60%. The ideal level is 50%.

We have this model and use it every single day.

What Is It?


    • Energy-efficient 1250w ceramic heater (heats room to max 25˚C)
    • 35L of moisture extraction per day (30˚C @ 80% RH)
    • suitable for room sizes up to 50m2 or 125m3 (for deep down drying)
    • full electronic controls (LED room temperature, humidity, and 24-hour timer)
    • variable humidity settings
    • large removable 5.5L water tank
    • full water tank auto shut-off
    • dual fan speed & auto-defrost
    • easy mobility – sturdy castor wheels/handles
    • water level gauge
    • continuous drainage feature (1 metre of hose included)
    • operates as an economical clothes dryer


  • full 2 year domestic replacement warranty



  • dimensions: 34x25x54cm
  • weight: 13.8kg
  • capacity: 35L
  • power: 900X
  • electronic humidistat
  • 5.5L water bucket size with auto shut-off (so once capacity has been reached, it automatically turns off)
  • includes a 1m hose for continuous drainage
  • has a 24-hour timer
  • noise level 48dBA
  • running temperature 5-32 degrees celsius
  • refrigerant with a compressor

How to Use Your Dehumidifier

Your dehumidifier has many uses.

It can be used to dry out building materials, like if the washing machine overflows or you have a leak.

It can be used to reduce the impact of “occupant activities” such as showering – simply run it for the duration of the shower, and until levels drop down to 50% relative humidity.

You can also use it to help dry the laundry on those occasions where you have to hang it inside.

NOTE: It helps with moisture levels – it does NOT resolve mould.


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