Air Purifier E8

This Air Purifier E8 is from the InovaAir range.

When Ordering…

Please understand that this is delivered by a courier, so:

  1. Be sure to leave instructions on where to leave the unit if you are not at home
  2. Provide an address that is not a PO Box – it has to be a physical address
  3. The address can be a parcel point collection – as long as this is not a pharmacy

If you are in a rural area, delivery costs may be higher – which we will advise you after you have ordered. Once you have confirmed that the cost is okay, your order will be placed.

$795.00 incl GST

Air Purifier E8 – What I Love About It

This is the newer model of my very first Air Purifier. I always felt that it was designed for people who are chemically sensitive – as there is minimal plastic (just the knobs and switches). This makes the off-gassing time far less. Instead of plastic casing, it is powder coated steel – which is long-wearing and durable.

With the filters installed, the Air Purifier E8 is a heavy unit to lift… but unless you are going up and down stairs, you won't need to as it is on castors/wheels. 🙂

This is a very efficient unit that has excellent filtration – which is rarely seen in such a small air purifier. Apart from True HEPA filtration (down to 0.3 microns), it contains 2.5kg of activated carbon.

The electrostatic pre-filter is ideal as it protects the unit.

*NOTE I do not like electrostatic air purifiers, as they charge particles in the air, which causes them to stick together and may be small enough to get into the lungs.

I DO like an electrostatic pre-filter as it is more likely to capture particles, dust, dander, and so on… preserving this great investment.

There is no smart phone app, so it won't contribute to electrosmog! YES!!!! Another plus. 🙂

What Is It?

Here are the specs on this Air Purifier E8.

  • Effective in areas up to 25m2, ideal for bedrooms or small offices
  • Chemical-free all marine-grade aluminium construction! Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities… AND the planet!
  • Dimensions: 32 (w) x 32 (d) x 52 (h) cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Highly efficient in removing dust and allergens
  • On castors, so easily moved from room to room on wheels
  • Certified medical-grade HEPA filtration 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  • High airflow quickly reduces ambient dust, allergens and chemical pollutants
  • High efficiency Pre-filter
  • Final stage activated carbon filter
  • Same medical-grade HEPA filtration normally only found in larger, more expensive air purifiers
  • Long life HEPA filter (up to 5 years) for low running cost

About the Filtration

Stage 1 – replace every 6 months when used 24/7

Pre-filter x 1 Technostat® electrostatically charged high efficiency pre-filter

Stage 2 – replace every 3-5 years when used 24/7

H13 HEPA Filter x 1 H13 Medical-grade HEPA Filter, certified 99.97% minimum efficiency at 0.3 microns (tested down to 0.003 microns @ 100% efficiency)

HEPA filter surface area 3.8m2 (41ft2), 100% airtight gasket seals, all steel housing.

Stage 3 – replace every 3-5 years when used 24/7

Activated Carbon Filter x 1 2.5kg (5.5lbs) coconut shell activated carbon (steel casing)

Want more information? Download the spec sheet here.

How to Use Your Air Purifier E8

Download these easy steps to make the most out of your Air Purifier.

Download these instructions to recognise when the filter needs changing.

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