Terms and Conditions: Phone Services



Hidden Hazards Hotline and Other Phone Services

Hidden Hazards Hotline Services and Other Phone Services


Any terms which are capitalised but not defined in this document are defined in the General Terms.

1. Description of Services

1.1 Subject to your agreement to these terms and the General Terms, Eco Health agrees to provide you with the following:

(a) a telephone call with an indoor environmental health consultant;

(b) assessing the safety of a product; or

(c) addressing an a particular issue for example:

(i) mould;

(ii) electromagnetic fields;

(iii) indoor air quality contaminants;

(iv) lead and heavy metals; and/or

(v) materials suspected of containing asbestos

(the Phone Services)

2. Customer Obligations

2.1 You agree and warrant to:

(a) follow all instructions provided by Eco Health;

(b) provide Eco Health with all requested documents and questionnaire required by Eco Health to provide the Phone Services;

(c) provide all correct information in relation to any asked questions; and

(d) not disclose any advice or material given to you to any third party.

3. Limitations

3.1 The Phone Services are limited to the time agreed between the you and Eco Health  to be arranged at a time mutually convenient between yourself and Eco Health’s consultant.

3.2 The Consultant will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with some further steps and advice within the call, however the provision of further steps and advice is not guaranteed.

3.3 A written summary of the phone call is provided following the call.

4. Disclaimer

4.1 Eco Health disclaims any and all liability in relation to the following:

(a) the advice given may not address all concerns;

(b) any electromagnetic shielding comes with risks which have been explained in detail to you;

(c) failure of any adherence to any of your obligations under clause 2.1;

(d) failure to disclose a material fact by you;

(e) the determination for a type of mould is subject to testing by a third party and not guaranteed;

(f) that recommendations provided are based on discussion, information provided by you, and observation during the assessment. It is a “spot assessment” and cannot necessarily be generalised over a 24-hour period (this is especially in relation to EMF) and that changes occur over time, and therefore regular reassessment is recommended

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