Change Your Life

$29.95 $10.00


Change Your Life

$29.95 $10.00

Are there are aspects of your life that you could improve?

Tried meditation and just can get the hang of it?

Need to reduce your stress levels?

Change Your Life: 50 Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do is an easy-to-use workbook that takes the hard bits out.

  • Relieve stress
  • Learn a simple Meditation Routine
  • Discover how to create new thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes
  • Bring a new sense of tranquility into your life
  • Use these stimulating meditations as affirmations throughout your day
  • Step into your light!

Kindle and Paperback versions are available also from Amazon.
All readers get FREE access to the Starting Out Program. Join me as I take Change Your Life on a virtual book tour throughout Feb-March 2014. Details here.

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Change Your Life: 50 Daily Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do

This 64-page paperback is easy to use and can help you to create change in your life. Only 200 copies are being printed for this limited edition book – these 200 are all numbered and signed.  (The copies that Amazon have are not the limited edition ones)

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